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Mike Wallace Opens Up About His Extraordinary Life To The Philadelphia Eagles
Tuesday, August 14, 2018 2:55 PM America

Mike Wallace has been in the Football for ten years, and the Philadelphia Eagles mark the fifth team he has played for up to this point. Even Wallace admits that this isn’t the way he expected his career to play out after being a third-round pick. “Obviously, I didn’t envision myself moving around too much,” Wallace said via ESPN. “Nobody does.”

But that's how it has played out for Wallace, despite a success-filled start and a seemingly symbiotic relationship with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Wallace averaged more than 1,000 yards and eight touchdowns over four years in Pittsburgh, and he caught nine catches for 89 yards and a TD in Super Bowl XLV in a losing effort to the Green Bay Packers. But 2012 started with an offseason holdout and ended without a new deal. He signed for big money with the Dolphins, which proved to be the beginning of a twisting and at times rocky path that took him to Miami and Minnesota and Baltimore, before arriving in Philadelphia this past March.

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“For me, I just wanted to get that security. When you come into the league, it’s a physical, brutal game. You’ve got to max it out the best that you can. Sometimes it works in your favor; sometimes it doesn’t,” said Wallace.

Wallace said the big things that fans don’t understand is that players careers can end in a moment so they need to try and get as much guaranteed money as they can. “This is a job. To fans and people that watch it, it’s fun and you just love it. We all love it. But at the same time, when you put your body on the line every single day, this is our job. You have your job. You want to get the most you can, like anybody else. That’s something that will never be understood by the fans, and that’s OK; everybody is not going to see eye to eye with you. Everybody has their different views, but you have to do what’s best for you in your life at the end of the day.”Mike Wallace Jersey .

He spent the last two years with the Ravens before signing a deal with the Eagles this offseason.Wallace said that it was a simple decision to decide with the Eagles because he wants to win a Super Bowl. “I wanted a chance -– not that I couldn’t do it there -– but I wanted to give myself the best chance to win the Super Bowl, and I like our roster here.”

Now 32 years old, Wallace reflects matter-of-factly on his time in the NFL. He acknowledges mistakes along the way, but he also believes that circumstance and an appropriate prioritization of family helped dictate his fate and direct his decision-making.

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